The Foundation and CERN

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is the world’s largest centre for research into particle physics, and through the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), CERN is implementing the largest physics experiment in the world. This experiment will allow the scientists involved to provide numerous responses to questions about the Universe.

Among its many missions, CERN facilitates the transfer of innovation to industry and then to the general public, organises numerous training initiatives and contributes to bringing nations together through science. The Globe of Science and Innovation, a gift presented to CERN by the Swiss Confederation, provides an opportunity to refocus some of this communication activity around this iconic building.

To promote the development of the Globe’s activities alongside the scientific missions performed by CERN, the decision was taken to provide the Globe with separate legal status, in the form of a non-profit foundation. This foundation was created on 21 November 2007.

Purpose and values

The Foundation’s purposes are:

  • to showcase the Globe of Science and Innovation,
  • to promote (including financially) its scientific, cultural and educational activities, its image and its influence, both within the Geneva region and internationally,
  • to contribute to the organisation of permanent and temporary scientific exhibitions, conferences, meetings and debates open to a large audience,
  • to support and contribute to the extension of the current or future infrastructures of the Globe of Science and Innovation.

The Foundation ensures the development and permanence of this extraordinary building and its environment, using specific resources that are clearly distinct from those of CERN. However, the Foundation for the Globe of Science and Innovation's ethical values of openness, universality and accessibility of knowledge are those that underpin the work of CERN.

The Council of the Foundation

The Council determines and implements the requirements necessary for performance of the Foundation’s activities. It decides on the financial support allocated to the specific projects and events related to the Globe. It provides regular and essential contact with the political authorities, donors and sponsors and sets the major strategic goals for the Foundation.

  • Chairman: Mr Martin Steinacher, representing CERN
  • Vice-Chairman: Mr Olivier Coutau, representing the Republic and Canton of Geneva
  • Mrs Nathalie Leuenberger, representing the Municipality of Meyrin
  • Mr Rolf Landua, representing CERN
  • Mr François Briard, representing CERN
  • Mr Carmelo Saitta, representing CERN

The operation of the Globe

A team of scientists and technicians and a small administrative staff manage the activities organised at the Globe. They promote the Globe in cultural, educational and academic circles, and assist donors in using the Globe's facilities.


The Globe of Science and Innovation is essentially funded by sponsors and donors and provides its partners with an exclusive and truly spectacular high profile venue and an ideal forum for exchanges between science and society.

Through this showcase, the Globe’s partners are associated with a large-scale international project that is firmly anchored in humanist values, science, education and  knowledge sharing, ethical principles and innovation.

How can I become a donor or sponsor?