To increase options for communication with the public, schools and all other economic participants, the construction of a new ring-shaped building around the Globe is currently envisaged. Development on this new building is awaiting funding partners. It will provide visitors with additional areas for discovery and exchange while allowing schoolchildren to better understand the grand challenges of contemporary physics. A tunnel with surround sound, a 1:1-scale reproduction of the LHC tunnel, is also being planned and is awaiting sponsors, and this will give visitors the opportunity to truly explore this incredible accelerator of knowledge.

A monumental sculpture, created by the Canadian artist Gayle Hermick, will soon be exhibited to the public on the esplanade surrounding the Globe. This sculpture has been produced with the support of the Meyrin Foundation for Cultural, Sports and Social Promotion.

Permanent Exhibition


Thanks to the support of Rolex, the Foundation has contributed to the construction of a new permanent exhibition called "Universe of Particles", located on the ground floor of the Globe.

Temporary Exhibitions

During the planning years, the following exhibitions were presented at the Globe of Science and Innovation:


  • "Georges Charpak"
  • "Einstein, 100 ans après"


  • "Utopies Urbaines" (co-produced with the municipality of Meyrin - Switzerland)
  • "à des années-lumière" (co-produced with the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie - France)


  • "Jeux de Forces - Jeux de sons : explorer la physique" (co-produced with Science Project - United Kingdom)
  • "Expo nano" (partnership with the CCSTI of Grenoble - France)


  • "Science Grand Format" (created by CERN)
  • "Accelerating Nobels" (created by CERN)
  • "Supraconductivité : science ou magie" (created by CERN in partnership with the University of Budapest)


  • "Supraconductivité : science ou magie" (created by CERN in partnership with the University of Budapest)
  • "Anges et Démons: la science derrière le film" (CERN)
  • "Accelerating science" (CERN) - the new major travelling exhibition designed to present the physics activities of the laboratory


  • « Universe of Particules » (New permanent exhibition in the Globe with the support of ROLEX SA)
  • « Dessine-moi un physicien » (CERN programme with children drawings)


  • « Particle Physics Photowalk » (Images from Interactions collaboration - International photography contest)
  • « Femmes et science » (extracts from FIAMI's books)


Numerous new projects are being planned to enrich the programme of activities within the Globe of Science and Innovation. Visit our site and the CERN site regularly to learn about how these projects are developing.